Betty Ross
Real name: Elizabeth Ross
Aliases: Betty




Thaddeus Ross (father)
Bruce Banner (love interest)
Leonard Samson (love interest)


Gender - Female
Height - 5'12
Weight - 115 lbs
Eyes - Blue
Hair - Dark Brown

Portrayed by:

Liv Tyler


The Incredible Hulk

Dr. Elizabeth "Betty" Ross is a celluar biologist at Culver University and the daughter of US General Thaddeus Ross.

She is also the lover of fellow celluar biologist Bruce Banner who during an experimental gammar resistance project turned into the Hulk injuring Betty before becoming a fugitive. Betty then became involved with Leonard Samson a psychologist but Bruce returned 5 years later and Betty helped him escape her father and find a cure. Eventually soldier Emil Blonsky transformed into the Abomination but the Hulk defeated him and escaped, leaving Betty again.


Earlier LifeEdit

The Incredible HulkEdit



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