Happy Hogan
Real name: Harol Hogan
Aliases: Happy Hogan




Tony Stark (boss/friend)
Pepper Potts (friend)
James Rhodes (friend)


Gender - Male
Height - 5'12
Weight - 195 lbs
Eyes - Brown
Hair -Brown

Portrayed by:

Jon Favreau


Iron Man
Iron Man 2

Harold "Happy" Hogan is the bodyguard and driver to Tony Stark. Nicknamed "Happy", he is the personal bodyguard and cheuffur to billionaire Tony Stark, but is also considered a close friend.


Iron ManEdit

Happy led a team of bodyguards whilst Tony was gambling at Cesar's Palace casino before driving Tony and the recently picked up Christine Everhart back to his Malibu house. Happy later drove Tony's Rolls Royce in a race against Tony in his Audi R8 to the Edwards Air Base where Tony was due to fly to Afghanistan, with Tony winning. Happy was waiting along with Pepper Potts when Tony returned from captivity in Afghanistan driving Tony to a press conference at Stark Industries Headquarters in Malibu.

Iron Man 2Edit

Happy is waiting at the Stark Expo as Tony arrives in the Iron Man Mark IV. He accompanies Tony as girls flirt with him when Tony is handed papies saying that he is required to appear in front of congress. Happy is then helping Tony blow off steam boxing as his trainer teaching Stark poorly. Pepper shows up with Tony's new assistant Natalie Rushman who steps in to box with Happy as Tony sorts out Pepper's promotion to CEO. Happy then accompanies Tony along with Pepper and Natalie to Monte Carlo where Tony is racing around Monaco circuit, carrying the Iron Man Mark V in its suitcast form. Happy is waiting as Pepper comes to him to tell him Ivan Vanko is attacking Tony with his Whiplash armor and to get Tony his armor. Happy and Pepper get in Tony's Rolls Royce and race to Tony in the opposite direction of the racers. Happy rams the car against Ivan trapping him against the side of the track while Tony suits up and battles Ivan. Happy shows up to Tony's birthday party and catches Natalie on the phone saying Tony is vulnerable and to move now as Tony and Rhodey in the Iron Man suits crash through the wall. Happy is then with Tony, Pepper and Natalie at Stark Expo as Natalie calls Nick Fury to have Hammer Industries locked down. Natalie then asks Happy to drive her to Hammer Industries and asks who she really is. She reveals that she is Natasha Romanova, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. as she gets into her Black Widow suit and Happy insists on going with Natasha but is knocked out by the guard.


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