Iron Man Mark II
Creator: Tony Stark
Brand: Iron Man




On board weapons


Colour - Silver
Height - 6'2


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Iron Man Mark II was created by Tony Stark and is the first attempt at him refining the technology of Iron Man Mark I into a highly advanced suit. It is considered the prototype to the future Iron Man armors.



Tony suiting the Mark II


Tony testing the flight

When Tony Stark returned from captivity in Afghanistan, he returned and began designing an upgrade to the Iron Man Mark I he built in the cave. He strips its design bear and makes it sleaker, more powerful with weapons and powered by a more powerful arc reactor. He contructed the suit for many weeks away from the public eye testing out the suit finding out how powerful it was. When it was operational, Stark tested out its flight capabilities against the advice of JARVIS. Tony tried to beat the flight altitude record in the suit but when he got near it, the suit began to freeze up losing power leaving Tony free falling back to earth. JARVIS came back online and he got the suit going again flying back to his house trying to land on the roof but crashed through all floors landing in the basement on one of his cars. Stark then placed the Mark II on display as he created an upgraded Iron Man Mark III.


Tony vs Rhodey


The Mark II being disassembled

At Tony's birthday party whilst being drunk, Rhodey became very frustrated with Tony abusing his role as Iron Man using the equipment to impress girls but not to give to the United States Armed Forces. Rhodey slipped away to steal the Mark II from Tony who realised and battled Rhodey to keep his technology. They crash through the wall and Rhodey manages to slip away in the Mark II to Edwards Air Force Base. They then ask Justin Hammer and his company Hammer Industries to refine the armor for war use putting weapons on it, creating the War Machine armor.

Tony later replaced the Mark II version to keep his collection in tact.


  • Flight - Capable of extended flight if near unlimited flight.
  • Invulnerability - The Mark II is very durable against most weapons but can be damaged but things of equal or more power.
  • Super Strength - The Mark II also gives the wearer the ability to lift things much heavier than possibly as a Human.

The Mark II is an upgrade to the first suit built by Stark, the Mark I. It is a more sleeker design than the original and also is lighter made from titanium alloy and more powerful having the power of extended flight powered by a more powerful arc reactor. As just a prototype, Tony didn't fit out the Mark II with additional weapons such as missiles and rockets like on the Mark III.


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