IM suits

Iron Man Mark I to Mark IV

The Iron Man Suits are a set of super powered suits designed and built by Tony Stark for his exploits as a super hero. They was the first in a long line of power suits being designed and built based on Stark's designs that are being put into production by various Weapons manufacturer's.

Currently there are 42 Iron Man suits built by Tony Stark, Iron Man Mark I to Iron Man Mark XLII stored in Tony's Hall of Armors.


Iron ManEdit

  • Mark I - Designed by Tony when held captive in Afghanistan, it is a very basic Suit.
  • Mark II - The first attempt by Tony to make a fully powered suit.
  • Mark III - A perfected Mark II design coloured "Hot-Red Rod", is also the first public image of Iron Man.
  • Mark IV - An upgraded Mark III built after it became battle damaged, it is also lighter in colour.
  • Mark V - A special edition, it unfolds from a briefcase shape that can be carried anywhere.
  • Mark VI - The most powerful suit Tony has built yet, an upgrade to the Mark IV.
  • Mark VII - An equally powerful suit that can track and suit Tony up.
  • Mark XLII - The most unique and powerful version yet, the suit can attach to Tony in different components and can be controlled by Tony's mind.



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