The Jericho Missile

The Jericho Missile is an highly advanced cluster bomb that has very destructive power designed and built by Tony Stark and is exclusively distributed by his company Stark Industries.


The Jericho Missile is Stark Industries' "crown jewel of it's 'Freedom Line' " and is also the first system to use repulsorlift technology. In the launch process, the system first is given a target which it then calculates the distance to. The missile is then launched, and when it reaches a designated height and distance away from the target, splits into 16 smaller missiles that all hit the target at strategic places. Though 'clean', the missile still gives off an extremely powerful blast and shock wave. In the movie, Tony Stark goes to Afghanistan to demonstrate the weapon to the US Military, and is attacked and abducted by the Ten Rings terrorist group. The jericho missile is later sold to the Ten Rings by Obadiah Stane without Tony Stark's permission in return for Tony's Iron Man Mark I.

The repulsor technology is the technology which sends off the shockwave after explosion although the missiles damage is limited the shockwave can bring down buildings and other objects easily giving the missile a larger blast range!