Samuel Sterns
Real name: Samuel Sterns
Aliases: Mr Blue





Gender - Male
Height - 5'11
Weight - 185 lbs
Eyes - Green
Hair - Brown

Portrayed by:

Tim Blake Nelson


The Incredible Hulk

Dr. Samuel Sterns is a cellular biologist at Grayburn College.

Sterns and Bruce Banner began contacting each other sometime after Banner became the Hulk under the alias' Mr Blue and Mr Green respectively. They contacted each other for years trying to find a cure and eventually met in 2011 when Banner's cover in Brazil was blown and he made his way to New York to meet Sterns who thought he had found a cure. Banner was astonished when Sterns began creating copies of Banner's blood planning to advance humans. When Emil Blonsky wanted the same power as Banner, Sterns was knocked aside and his head began mutating when Banner's blood dripped on it.


Earlier LifeEdit

The Incredible HulkEdit

Sterns was initially a scientific ally to an on-the-run Bruce Banner and they communicated with each other as Mr. Green and Mr. Blue while collaborating to find a cure for Bruce's condition. Upon meeting in the flesh, Dr. Samuel Sterns was shown to be an eccentric man who was infatuated with the potential power of gamma-radiation. After witnessing Banner transform into the Hulk as a test and successfully reverting him back with their finalized supressant, it was revealed that he had been experimenting with Bruce's blood samples on animal test subjects without Bruce's knowledge. He was physically threatened by Emil Blonsky who desired to be further mutated. Sterns eagerly complied. Once Blonsky mutated, he became insane and proceeded to injure Sterns and demolish his lab. Sterns was accidentally infected with Banner's blood via an open wound on his forehead and he was last seen with his head expanding as he smiled in joy.